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Alisa Has Lost 69.5 With LossArts!

Alisa Before

After having back surgery several years ago, Alisa found it difficult to maintain her exercise plan and gained approximately 70 pounds. Alisa committed to lose the weight in January 2013 and began working out with a personal trainer. She learned about Loss Arts from an online search and was really excited to have her meals delivered; however, she was initially hesitant about the plan, as she is a self-admitted picky eater.

Alisa After

After 1 year with Loss Arts meals, Alisa has lost 69.5 pounds! Once she began the Loss Arts meal delivery plan, she started seeing results the first week. Alisa found that the Loss Arts meals make it much easier to lose weight - No meal planning, cooking, or food journaling! Alisa says the food is very good and always fresh. While enjoying the Loss Arts meals, she's now using the Cook at Home program. With her weight loss, Alisa was able to return to her pre-injury condition with weight lifting, jogging, hiking, and yoga.

Dustin Lost 70 lbs In Just 4 Months!

Dustin Before

PICTURE: APRIL 2013 - Before joining LossArts Dustin was pre-diabetic, suffering from sleep apnea, had high blood pressure and overall was just not happy about his weight. A tough conversation with his doctor lead him to realize he needed to lose weight, but he was not having any luck on his own. Going to the gym and trying to eat healthier was not yielding any results and that's why he finally picked up the phone and called us at LossArts.

Dustin After

PICTURE: OCTOBER 2013 - After 4 months on the program Dustin has lost 70 lbs and feeling amazing. He is no longer pre-diabetic, has lowered his blood pressure, does not need a machine to sleep any longer and his wife could not be happier! Dustin credits this success to his customer meal delivery plan from LossArts and still continues on the program today!

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David E. - North Bend, WA

I have been dealing with my type 2 diabetes for 12 years, and 2 years ago I had to start taking basasl insulin shots (a single shot daily). After using your service for 4 weeks, I was able to stop using the insulin. I just got my latest test results, and my A1C was down to 6.0 (from 7.1), my cholesterol numbers improved, and my doctor officially took me off insulin. Thanks for being there!

Susan K. - Los Angeles, CA

LossArts has not only helped me lose 20 pounds but it has saved me hours of time usually spent at the grocery store, preparing meals, or doing dishes. Every food drop I'm thankful that I found this service.

Melanie M.

Yelp review

Loved the food - excited to receive daily meals and enjoyed each bite - great way to eat right and not worry about what to cook next or count calories!! YUM!

Karen H. - Lake Tapps, WA

Mike and I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our LossArts service. I wanted to compliment you on your great customer service! Each time we have had an issue, it has been taken care of quickly with great attitude and importance. Your staff has been wonderful to work with! We are eating healthier and keeping those unwanted pounds off, especially during the holidays! We look forward to new choices in meals and creativity. The meals keep getting better, with more variety. Keep up the great menus, we love being your customers! Thanks, Karen PS, We both loved the chicken enchiladas, YUM!

Zhanna, Personal Trainer - Kirkland, WA

My clients know that 80% of one's fitness success is diet. Zone diet has helped me achieve incredible competitive success as well as helping my clients achieve their personal fitness goals as well. The fabulous food is beautifully prepared and top quality!

Debbie T. - Seattle, WA

Wow! I was knocked off my feet! I had gone from 216lbs to197lbs! On top of that I feel great!

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B. Rosenthal - San Francisco, CA

I have battled with weight issues for the last 30 years. I am now 52, and for the first time in my life, my insulin is balanced and I feel like a new woman. I am truly amazed at what balanced insulin has done for my body. I am eating smaller portions and yet, not feeling hunger pains throughout the day anymore. LossArts has paved my road to success. I continue to enjoy the convenience, creativity, and flexibility of the service.

Jake C.

Yelp review

I am so glad that I chose to try this service. The food is generally really fresh and well prepared (true to their gourmet name). The people who answer the phones, and the guy who delivers my meals eery day (on time no less) are really nice. I've cut fat and gained muscle mass over the past three weeks. No complaints...5 stars (never thought I'd say that with regard to a diet)!

Brent L.

Yelp review

LossArts has been delivering food to my front door since they opened their Pasadena branch about a year ago. Already well established in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, I want everyone to know what a great service this is to the LA area. I don't like to go grocery shopping and I don't enjoy cooking so this service is just what I need since going out to eat all the time can become very expensive. With LossArts they have solved my dilemma and I couldn't be happier. Every night a delivery is made fo the next day's meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack and a dessert. Whether you are trying to lose weight or enjoy healthy food everything is fresh and extremely delicious. Saving me lots of time and looking forward to each meal is a win-win situation for me. I highly recommend this great service.

Bonnie P. - Portland, OR

...this diet has been so unlike a diet that it is hard to explain. the food is varied, portions are generous and most of all it is both nutritious and delicious. It's like Christmas every day when the bag is unzipped to see what surprise awaits me. The best part is losing the weight without deprivation and starvation. I lost 35 pounds with this diet and enjoyed it. You should call it the un-diet AND it works.

L. Francolini - Portland, OR

Imagine if you can eat healthy, delicious and nutritious food with gourmet flavor daily. Now picture this food being delivered daily, enjoying it and having it prepared just FOR YOU. Add to this a 7.5 lb. weight loss in 2.5 weeks. This is what the ZONE method has provided me. The possibility of eating well and getting fit is actually becoming reality with this program. I am grateful to the staff in bringing this to Portland.

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