Frequently Asked Questions

What does Loss Arts do?

At Loss Arts our focus is providing you fresh, healthy, gourmet meal options with daily delivery right to your doorstep. All of our meals follow a 40/30/30 rule in composition, meaning they are 40% Carbohydrate, 30% Lean Protein, and 30% Favorable Fats. This meal composition is proven to help balance insulin levels. When this occurs you benefit from the natural loss of excess body fat, maximum physical performance, and even heightened mental clarity.

How many calories am I getting?

The full meal-sets of the standard program are approximately 1200 to 1300 calories per day but can vary day-to-day. There are larger meal plans available for those requiring a larger number of calories. While calories are important to watch they are not as important to our program as eating the right foods and the right combinations.

How do you choose your menu?

Our chefs are all trained in the culinary arts and they design the menu that is served each day, choosing only positive food combinations for each meal. These food choices along with portion control and adhering to the 40/30/30 composition are the "secret" ingredients our chefs have mastered. We work hard to ensure that you never get bored with our menu choices by providing a large variety of meals. In addition, we are always creating new meals and combinations to keep our food tasty and exciting.

What if I have allergies / food restrictions?

No problem! LossArts specializes in adhering to your specific food restrictions whether for allergies, a medical condition, or a food you just absolutely do not like. Of course we encourage all clients to be as open minded to foods as they can be, because we love to introduce you to new and exciting culinary experiences. Some of the conditions we specialize in are: Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerant, or Vegetarian to name a few.

I have Type 2 Diabetes, will your program work for me?

The short answer is Yes! Our program is specifically designed to help balance your insulin levels through choosing foods low on the Glycemic Index and using the right combinations of carbohydrates, lean proteins, and favorable fats.

I have Celiac Disease / Gluten Intolerance, can you accommodate me?

Yes! We offer a menu specifically designed with all Gluten-Free meals. Since all of our meals are created using only fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch there is no risk of getting retail gluten fillers.

How does the food get delivered?

For our fresh meal program, our local couriers pick-up the food each night from our kitchen and start delivering directly to doorsteps. All fresh deliveries are made in a small cooler bag with ice packs directly to your front door or a pre-designated delivery point. For our frozen meal program, meals are delivered once or twice per week depending on your location.

When are the deliveries made?

For our fresh meal program, deliveries start in the early evening and delivery is guaranteed to your door by 6:00 AM. All we ask is that you leave your previous night's cooler bag outside your door so we can pick it up when making your next delivery. For our frozen meal program, delivery times are dependent on the courier.

How often do you deliver?

For our fresh meal program, deliveries are made daily except for Wednesday night when we have a double delivery of Thursday's and Friday's food. Also, we do a double delivery on Friday night of Saturday's and Sunday's food. This means food deliveries come to your door 5 nights a week. For our frozen meal program, deliveries are made once to twice per week, but the days are dependent on your delivery area.

Who Signs up?

The people who sign up for our programs do so for a variety of reasons that include:

How do I sign up?

When you are ready to start eating healthy you just start the process by giving us a call and speaking to one of our Nutrition Specialists. They will then ask you for some personal information regarding weight, goals, delivery instructions, and food restrictions. From there you will decide which program is best and what day to start. If you reside in our fresh delivery area, the delivery will arrive to your doorstep in a black cooler bag with the food on ice packs and a security tie keeping it closed. Delivery is guaranteed by 6:00 AM, we simply ask that you leave your previous days bag at your door for us to pick-up when we deliver. If you reside in our frozen delivery area, delivery will arrive once to twice per week, providing you with enough meals for the entire week.

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