Cook At Home - Recipe and Shopping Program

LossArts Cook At Home is a unique service offered to those who feel like they have the time and skills to prepare meals themselves. This program takes that and gives you ideas and guidance on the specifics of preparing delicious healthy meals at the right portion sizes geared for weight loss and optimal health.

Our weekly menus, recipes, and shopping list give you exact instructions on when and what to purchase and prepare each day of the week. Here are some highlights of what the program offers:

  • Shopping List - We give you all the ingredients to look for when shopping at the store along with suggestions of what cuts are the best, possible substitutions, what herbs and spices to purcahse, and the pantry items needed for healthy cooking. We give you a FRESH list of items to purchase every few days and then a pantry item list of what to look for at the beginning of each week.
  • Cooking Times - To keep food preparation efficient the program is designed with all your cooking being done just before dinner. You will prepare that evening's dinner along with tomorrow's breakfast and lunch which you can containerize and chill to eat the next day. The result will be meals just like those offered by our gourmet meal deliver service.
  • Weight Loss and Health - Following our portioning and ingredients you will be cooking meals optimized under the guidelines of the Zone diet. All the ingredients are portioned for their low cholesterol, low sodium, and low glycemic properties which are key to losing weight and optimal health. Weight loss occurs naturally as your body's insulin comes into balance consistently which leads to excess fat being released. The other benefits will include enhanced energy levels, increased mental focus, and just an overall good feeling as you start to feel better about yourself.
  • Support and Help - Signing up gets you access to our experts over the phone or via email for any questions you have about losing weight and the best ways to get there. All of us at LossArts have worked with hundreds (if not thousands!) of clients looking for all the same things as you. This experience gives us a deep knowledge of possible pitfalls, great solutions, and what your next steps should be to getting healthy.

Call us today or order online to get started. There is no time better than now to better your life and get the results you deserve.

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