Our Approach

The LossArts approach to weight loss combines the latest nutritional science with delicious culinary recipes, and modern cooking techniques. We believe losing weight should never be a sentence to lesser tasting food. Weight loss and nutrition can be an enjoyable journey. In no time, your body and mind will embrace a healthy lifestyle, all while savoring our naturally sourced, locally produced, vibrant cuisine. The good life is never sacrificed with LossArts. Start living it today. Check out our member reviews.

Fresh Delivery Program

Weight Loss Without Lifting A Finger

By eating the full LossArts program and getting your insulin levels balanced, your body will begin to realize it is carrying stored calories and fats that are unnecessary. As a result it will start to release those calores (your excess weight) at a noticable and safe rate until you reach the optimal weight for height, age and health.

The LossArts program is based on the well researched benefits of eating 5 eating sessions per day of meals based on a 40% low-glycemic carbohydrates, 30% lean protein, 30% favorable fats diet. This combination gives your body the exact balance required to keep insulin balanced within the Optimal Health and Weight Loss Zone.

Why dieters usually go wrong

The human body is an amazing thing and can store weight even when you're not expecting it, no matter how much you think you're eating healthy. For example if you eat too much food and high-glycemic food, your body cannot process the extra calories and will simply store them as fat. On the other side, if you eat too little food throughout the day or only one big meal during the day, your body starts to think it will not see food again for a lengthy time period, thus storing it as fat for use later. Neither of these scenarios can lead to any weight loss.

The Balance of LossArts Optimal Health

The magic of the LossArts full program comes in giving your body the right mix of macro-nutrients and the right carbohydrates to keep you satiated, energetic, and utilizing the food you're eating as fuel throughout the entire day. We accomplish this with 3 full meals and 2 substantial snacks that are consumed every 2 hours. This creates a steady intake of food for 10 hours per day resulting in a body that keeps insulin in a steady "zone" of burning calories and releasing stored excess weight. The other major factor is the choice in low-glycemic carbohydrates. These are fruits and vegetables that carry a strong amount of fiber and lower concentration of simple sugar, allowing your body to take advantage of the nutrition over time and keeping insulin balanced.

Weight Loss Advisors

If you would like, one of our Weight Loss Advisors will help you personalize a LossArts meal plan to fit your schedule, lifestyle, and desired weight loss goals. Call us anytime at 877-878-5777 and start living the way we live- healthy, happy and feeling great!

Meal Delivery Areas

We service the Western United States through our Fresh-to-Frozen Meal Delivery service, as well as daily Fresh Meal Delivery in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. While our delivery methods may vary, all of our meals are sourced, prepared and cooked in the same manner. Never sacrificing flavor or quality.

Lose 10 lbs in 30 days

LossArts members average weight loss of 10 lbs in the first 30 days. They also often experience increased energy and heightened mental clarity. It’s how we like to feel at LossArts and it’s not a bad way to enjoy life! View member reviews here.

Zone/Paleo/Gluten Free Options

All of our meal programs follow the 40/30/30 rule in composition. The benefits of living a Zone Diet® inspired program go well beyond weight loss.

Food today is over processed. Paleo is about eating fresh, local, non-processed foods to maximize nutrient intake and live a healthier life.

We also have a special Gluten Free menu as part of a modified Zone/Paleo program! Learn more about these options by clicking here.

Locally Prepared, Doorstep Delivered

Our Chefs are passionate about sourcing from local farms and purveyors. They know that it is the only way to guarantee incredibly fresh, flavorful meals.

We use natural meats and sustainable seafood, and we choose to support those farms not taking a toll on our environment or the future of species. We also use fresh, seasonal produce. When organic varieties are not available, or are out of season, we source only the highest quality, non-organic products.

We never use artificial ingredients to color, preserve, dye, emulsify, stabilize or solidify our food. You’ll never find dressings, sauces, and condiments with hydrogenated oils, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavorings.

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